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"Devil's Night" is a #monstermash2014 submission by @RiotJayne_, based on the legends of the Jersey Devil. In it, you play as the fabled creature, as she protects her last remaining nests against the upcoming gentlemen hunters. They wish to relegate her to nothing more than an old Jersey legend. A few days of work, built and animated in Unity.

The gentlemen come from both directions, and you must dispatch them while protecting your three nests full of eggs. If the 'daddy' devil at any nest dies, the nest needs to also be warmed (proximity) by you to keep the eggs from dying. Both apples and eggs serve as a potential health boost.

Movement - A & D/Left and Right Arrows
Jump/Hover - W / Up Arrow
Interact/Attack - E / Space

I tried to build a lot of flexibility in how this is played, so experiment and let me know what you think. Mechanically, I took inspiration from games like Missile Command, and that is very much the feeling I was going for. I tried to crush as many bugs as possible, but I probably made more in the process of adding the Gamejolt API, so let me know if anything seems/is broken.

BGM by Bomono https://soundcloud.com/caffinluvstmgc

SFX sourced from web.


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