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Needle was a short jumping/platform game I made in college and passed around in between classes just for something to do. Wanted to see if anybody would find both endings, up till now, nobody has ever reported it so...

Originally made in Unity 3 in 2013. Unfortunately the project files are long gone, so you're stuck with a horrible title screen and a few unfix-able bugs.

Web-build only.


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Nothing here, it seems...

Quote from Unity homepage:

"Unity Webplayer – NOT SUPPORTED

The Unity Webplayer is no longer supported."

Even with that thing installed, there won't be anything for me here, other than a link to the Unity Webplayer I mean...

I wonder if it works in browsers other than Chrome, I thought Unity Webplayer was supported in Firefox? I actually jumped on this page to try and test it as well after I messaged you and found even after installing the prev. version of Unity webplayer it wouldn't fire. This game might be gone for good in that case, since the only thing that survived uni was a copy of the web file xD