Brief reflections on trans issues and anxiety by RiotJayne (@SlvtSammich), with a little trans erotica thrown in for good measure. Presented amidst glitchy collabs of found art. Built in Twine. Feb '15. NSFW.

Note: You may need to scroll via middle mouse / keyboard arrows to read all content, since the window has no scroll bar.

Designed to be played alongside h34rken's album Somewhere, Someday. Please support the artist if you enjoy its work.

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This lovely twine made me feel so seen, being able to relate to feeling like dysphoria and loneliness go hand in hand. And it's great to see some post-op representation as well. Thank you for this, it was a wonderful story. <3


hey i wanted to tell you i absolutely loved this game and its my favorite twine ever! as a lesbian transgirl this spoke to me on so many levels and yeah.. just absolutely loved it.  it inspired me to do my own twine  with a glitchy aesthetic too!! am happy to see you update your page to know youre around! :> thank you for making this!!

Thanks so muchhhh! I appreciate it a lot :) I love your games so I'm really glad you enjoyed it and it was somehow inspiring ^^ I took a massive break from dev but I'm working on stuff again lately  so always nice to know peeps are digging  my work <3